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Your BFF Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

On this episode of Your BFF Podcast, Mel and Jen discuss an April Fool's trick gone too far by a couple of famous YouTubers, a letter to the editor some lady with too much time on her hands wrote that also definitely went too far, and why people need positive affirmation. Speaking of things going too far, what do Maury Povich, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nikki Sixx, and Bradley Cooper all have in common? Find out as the girls challenge each other to a game of F*ck, Marry, Kill. Guys, the results were shocking.

In unrelated news, Mel completely nerds out about the upcoming Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and the new Avengers flick out later this month only to find out that Jen is completely unenthused. Blasphemy! Who else is still crying over the wrath of Thanos? Holla at your girl Mel on social media to let her know she is not alone.

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