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Your BFF Podcast

Nov 6, 2019

On today's episode of Your BFF Podcast, we say so long (for now) to Resident Guest Cohost and all around badass, Nat. Join Mel and Nat as they discuss some of their fears and play the first ever (according to Google so it must be true) podcast game of Never Have I Ever.

Special thanks and ALL THE GRATITUDE to Nat for being a part of this podcast for the last couple of months. Nat came in and worked her fabulous ass off. She fought time differences, hectic work schedules and recording schedules to make these last months not just happen, but to be AWESOME. She gave us her heart and soul. She lifted us up and she made us laugh. She showed us that when you have a dream, you make that shit happen.....and, well, we think she's a true BFF. Find her on social media and let her know what a kick ass job she did! We wish you the biggest success ever on your upcoming podcast and novel. You will always have a home here at Club BFF. We love you.

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